Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Different clothing is known to perform multiple functions ranging from aesthetic to basic protection from the elements. Functional Apparel can therefore be defined as the generic term which includes all types of clothing or assemblies which are specifically engineered for the purpose of delivering a pre-defined performance or the functionality to user, over & above its normal function.

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Functional clothing is a relatively new & exciting segment of technical textiles group one which is receptive to the new product development & technologies and abounding with the niche applications. Functional clothing is being defined as that specifically being designed & engineered to ensure the predefined performance requirement & functionality for the user. This also includes protection under the harsh environmental conditions during work or the sporting activities & protection against the extreme hazards & environments.

Major factors driving the growth of functional apparel market is the rising demand for the high-performance, application-specific apparel & footwear coupled with rising participation in sports & fitness activities. Functional apparel manufactured using the advanced technology are usually being made of by polyester fabric or spandex which absorbs sweat from body on fabric’s surface, from where it is being evaporated. These apparel thereby help the athletes to stay dry & comfortable.

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Comfort seeking middle class having high disposable income, changing lifestyle, & increasing urbanization has led to the increased demand for the functional apparel. The developing world’s emerging middle class is the critical socio economic factor because of its huge potential as an epitome of growth, particularly in the largest developing countries like China, India &, Sub-Saharan Africa. After showing signs of initial slowdown, China’s economy is currently back on track.

China has got the largest share with demand for the functional apparel being fuelled by country’s burgeoning middle-class population. Also propelled by its robust economic performance and growing middle class, India is at the forefront of future growth opportunities.  Rise in the demand for the functional apparel is resulting in the increased production of the apparel in these regions. Cheap labor & availability of raw materials is also adding fuel to the production of functional apparel in these regions.

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Functional apparel industry is fragmented in nature. Some of the major market players operating in the global functional apparel market are Adidas, Calvin Klein, HanesBrands Inc.,Icebreaker, Jockey International, Nike Inc., Puma SE, Russell Brands, LLC, Skechers USA Inc., Umbro, & Under Armour Inc.