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Inflight Catering is a major component in ensuring that passengers enjoy their inflight experience. It takes an Inflight Catering partner with a personalized service to deliver 24/7. The flight catering industry is a very large and it has got a global activity. The total market size is estimated to be more than 10 billion euros in early 2000 .

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More than 1 billion passengers are served each year. It is probably one of the most complex operational systems in the world. Considering an instance, a large-scale flight catering production unit may employ over 800 staff to produce as many as 25,000 meals per day during peak periods.

Large international airlines may have more than 1,000 takeoffs and landings every day. A single, long-haul Boeing 747 has over 40,000 items loaded on to it before it flies. All together these items weigh 6 metric tonnes and occupy a space of 60 cubic metres. These items range from meals to toilet bags, from duty-free goods to first aid boxes, from newspapers to headsets. Food items are expected to be fresh and items for personal passenger use must be clean & serviceable.

These above mentioned facts & others like them make flight catering unlike any other sector of the catering industry. While the way food is served on trays to airline passengers bears some resemblance to service styles in restaurants or cafeterias, the way food is being prepared & cooked is increasingly resembling a food manufacturing plant. Certainly the hot kitchen in a typical production kitchen is often no more than 10% of the total floor area.

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The rest of the space is used for bonded stores, tray & trolley assembly, and flight wash-up. And almost certainly there are far more loaders & drivers employed than chefs. The way food and equipment is stored resembles a freight warehouse, and the way meals and equipment are transported and supplied has a close affinity to military-style logistics & distribution systems.

Asia-Pacific is a vast inflight catering market in terms of culinary habits, & passengers from various regions vary in their culinary preferences. Although India & China are neighboring countries, culinary food habits of people in these two regions are significantly different. Food habits of the passengers from the north vary from those of the south in the same country. These variations are most likely to help the catering suppliers invest more in these diversified food types, thereby leading to the high growth of the region during the forecast period.

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Major market players operating in the market are GATE Gourmet, LSG Sky Chefs, Sats Ltd., Cathay Pacific Catering Services and Dnata among others.