Thu. Sep 16th, 2021

The electric vehicles that Tesla has been manufacturing in its facility in Southeast Travis County will be unveiled next year. However, it might make the Texas residents pay a $200 yearly fee if they purchase these models after the state’s new proposal becomes law. This new fee is a cover-up for the revenues that the state would lose if the gasoline cars are evicted from the roads due to the popularity of electric vehicles. A huge percentage of the taxes imposed on gasoline vehicles enter the system to maintain the roads, and the lawmakers are worried that they would miss this opportunity affecting the condition of the roads. Additionally, the state-imposed special fees on electric vehicles to ensure that they offer the same value that the ICE cars have been offering to the tax bodies and revenue collection agencies. Experts and concerned people have lamented these fees, terming them as uncouth and exorbitant activities that justify the conventional cars.

Rep. Ken King, a Panhandle Republican, stated in a meeting called to discuss the proposal that the increasing number of electric vehicles on the roads should pay a similar quantity that the conventional cars were giving to fund the highway’s operations and maintenance. He justified his claims stating that the purpose of the regulation is to ensure that all the vehicles in Texas generate revenue to fund the operations of the highways. Initially, King had developed a bill that connotated the payment of these fees last year, although it failed to reach the House for voting. It appears that he remodeled this proposal and twisted some legal ambiguities before returning it for discussions. The bill might make it through since the legislators are finding opportunities to obtain funds after the coronavirus pandemic brings the economy to its knees.

Experts have evaluated the fees that these legislators are proposing and have found them not to be revenue generators for the coming future unless there are some paragraphs that have not been properly interpreted. A further projection of King’s bill last year revealed that the government could generate a maximum of $30 million per annum in the next four years. The spokesperson for the Texas Automobile Dealers Association, Jennifer Stevens, stated that their members have been paying these fees and they hope that the incoming electric vehicle developers can accept to support the maintenance of the roads. Tesla exempted itself from making any comments on such matters to maintain its irrefutable reputation.

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