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Market Introduction:

Fruit sugar is a type of sugar being produced from various fruits such as apple, grape, banana, and others. Chemically, the fructose content of fruit sugar is more than its glucose content, which is unlike sucrose, the regular sugar. Fruit sugar is an alternative natural sweetener being readily used in North America market. The fruit sugar is highly beneficial for consumers who suffer from heart diseases, as it is a low-calorie sugar. The fruit sugars are used for manufacturing alcohol, which is itself one of the significant global markets. The global fruit sugar market is expected to represent significant growth opportunities in the near future due to growing vegan consumer base across the globe.

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Market Drivers and Trends:

Fruit sugar offers several benefits as compared to conventional sugar. The high intake of regular sugar is harmful as it may cause several problems such obesity, the risk of heart diseases, and others. The fruit sugar is widely preferred among consumers due to its low glucose content in comparison to the regular sugar which has high glucose content and may hinder the human lifecycle in some or the other way. Since, fruit sugar has high fructose content and glucose requires insulin to break it down in the liver, hence, the fructose doesn’t stimulate the insulin response in the body thus, minimizing the chances of getting obese. Different types of fruit sugar offer several benefits to the consumer. There are numerous applications of fruit sugar in food and beverages industry such as bakery, dairy products, salads, and others. The fruit sugar is relatively sweeter than all other naturally occurring sugar and is a low-cost sugar. If obtained from a pure fruit, then fruit sugar is a calorie-free sugar. All these factors promote the usage of fruit sugar in the commercial market including food and beverages market. In various regions more research is being carried out on fructose, to discover its benefits thus pushing the market revenue generation in the overall fruit sugar market over the forecast period.

Market Segmentation:

The fruit sugar market is segmented on the basis of source, application, distribution channel, and region. On the basis of source, the fruit sugar market is segmented into berries, citrus fruits, apple, mango, banana, and others. These different segments of sources of fruit sugar consist of fructose and other sugar types in different ratios. On the basis of application, the fruit sugar market is segmented into food and beverage industry, and pharmaceutical industry. The food and beverage industry segment can be further sub-segmented into dairy products, bakery, desserts, confectionary, nutritional drinks, juices, and others. On the basis of the distribution channel, the fruit sugar market is segmented into store-based retailing and online retailing. Store-based retailing can be further classified into modern grocery retailers and traditional grocery retailers. Modern grocery retailers can be further sub-segmented into a convenience store, mom and pop stores, discount stores, and hypermarkets or supermarkets. The traditional grocery retailers can be further sub-segmented into food & drink specialty stores, independent small groceries, and others.

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Market Regional Outlook:

The regional segment for the market of fruit sugar is divided into seven different regions: Western Europe, North America, Eastern Europe, Latin America, APEJ, Middle East & Africa and Japan. Countries such as U.S., is witnessing a high demand for fruit sugar owing to increase consumption of fruit sugar in the food industry. There has been increase demand for fructose among health conscious consumers which is pushing the revenue generation in global fruit sugar market in the near future.  In regions such as Europe and APEJ, the growth of the fruit sugar market is anticipated to increase owing to the demand for low-calorie sugar which provides numerous health benefits.

Market Key Players:

The key player in the fruit sugar market only includes ASR GROUP, Now Foods, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Monk Fruit Corp. among others.

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