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Healthcare Automatic Identification And Data Capture Market: Overview

The need for reduction of errors in healthcare service and patient care delivery is a key driver for growing interest in healthcare automatic identification and data capture (HAIDC) systems. HAIDS has been formed a key enabler for increasing patient safety. One of the use of HAIDC in securing the supply chain. Over the years, countries such as Netherlands, France, Canada, and Japan have been increasingly supporting the adoption of linear and 2-D barcodes, propelling the evolution of the HAIDC market. The number of barcoded products delivered to healthcare providers has risen remarkably in recent years. AIDC has been used in ensuring the compliance regulations in the healthcare industry.

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The healthcare AIDC market has also seen an extensive adoption of RIFD tags and the adoption of IT systems that can support not just such barcodes but also data acquisition. Some of the prominent technologies in the healthcare AIDC market are barcode, RFID, and biometrics.

Healthcare Automatic Identification And Data Capture Market: Key Trends

The study on the healthcare AIDC market offers in-depth, evidence-based assessment of key developments in the healthcare industry and IT systems that boost the prospects. The insights takes a closer look at recent implementation trends and the factors that have been at the forefront of the vendor negotiations. Gaining access to such insights will surely help business players to formulate their growth strategies in the healthcare AIDC market.

The healthcare AIDC market has gained large revenues gains on the back of rapidly growing demand for range of hardware-based components, notably printers, scanners, readers, and cards.

Over the years, the healthcare AIDC market has benefitted from the demand for non-clinical applications. Of all, their use in supply chain management of healthcare products has been constantly spurring new prospects in the healthcare AIDC market.

Over the years, hardware manufacturers and software developers in the healthcare AIDC market have been leaning on ensuring a fail- safe implementation. They are exhorting end users to put forth re-engineering concept on understanding their requirements in more tailored way. This will also improve the success of AIDC. Further, top players in the healthcare AIDC market are striving to achieve a degree of interoperability to meet the high regulatory standards in the healthcare industry.

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Healthcare Automatic Identification And Data Capture Market: Competitive Dynamics

A growing number of players in the healthcare AIDC market are aiming at ensuring supply-chain standards systems. Numerous companies are constantly aiming at unveiling hardware tracking aimed at patient care in hospitals.

Some of the emerging industry stakeholders in the healthcare automatic identification and data capture market are moving on the path of acquisitions to facilitate the unveiling of new systems. An emerging application is the utilization of AIDC systems in tracking medical and biological products and shipments. Top players are also in constant search value-grab opportunities in developed markets.

Healthcare Automatic Identification And Data Capture Market: Regional Assessment

The healthcare AIDC market is expected to see considerable growth avenues in North America and Europe. The presence of several top players in these regions keeps these increasingly lucrative. There also seems a high degree of competition in these regional markets, reason having to do the constant urge to unveil new products and application areas.

On the other hand, Asia Pacific countries in recent years have witnessed a rise in implementation of RFIDs. The growth of the Asia Pacific healthcare AIDC is also bolstered by the increasing investments in hospital IT.

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