Fri. May 20th, 2022

One of the major concerns that the electric vehicle pessimists have is if the grid could be able to manage the large number of the electric vehicle being plugged in simultaneously. Once the EVs are fully adopted, there is the likelihood that many electric vehicle owners will be meeting at the charging station at the same time, especially in the evening while they are travelling to their homes from work. At this time, the grid will be strained since the power is at the peak in the evening as the people watch televisions, cook dinner as well as switch on lights.

The good thing is the automakers are working so hard to ensure they get a solution to this process. Audi has come up with an answer to this and proposed the use of intelligent and grid-optimized charging. This is attained through smart chargers that liaise with the user’s energy provider. In this case, the car owner sets the time they want to leave, and then the vehicle will ensure it is fully charged prior to that time.

Communicating intelligently with power provider means that charging can stop or reduce its rate when grid is experiencing any strain. It would then restart charging when power needs elsewhere start dropping. Audi said that more possibilities would open up. For instance, owners who charge their EVs at the workplace can get greater discounted energy at home for having lower charging priority.

 A German firm pointed out that the use of electric vehicles would work as energy storage solutions, just as Nissan has been leader in the automobile market in the past few years. This is because many households that own an electric vehicle can use the stored-energy in the vehicle’s battery to power their homes such that they do not take any power from the grid. This would help to ease the pressure on the public services.

More charging system infrastructures are being installed as additional electric cars hit the road. Therefore, it is essential to implement intelligent solutions as early as now to prevent further issues down the line. Currently, smart charging tests and trials are being carried out by the Electric Nation in partnership with Igloo energy and other energy companies. In the trial, over 100 Nissan EV owners would participate. These EVs owners are expected to get over 4000 free power miles and provided with free V2G smart chargers installation, which amounts to $5500. According to CEO and Igloo Energy Founder, Matt Clemow, said that the project would be of great help to EV owners.

By Adam