Thu. May 19th, 2022

In recent times, India’s Electric Vehicle (EV) market has gained momentum, as well as the list of startups, either making or using EVs, has risen. Though its acceptance of EVs in the target customer is low in our nation, it is a different issue in the B2b market. In the coming weeks, ride-hailing firms, grocery distribution corporations, and e-commerce businesses have made numerous proposals to buy and rent large electric car fleets. The on-ground acceptance of EVs, however, continues to be nuanced. Any business with EVs must schedule its roads, repair the battery, as well as return on infrastructure development.

This is where you get the BatteryPool. Established in 2018 by the founder Ashwin Shankar, the software stack of the startup that is based at Pune provides fleet operators with real-time, useful data to eliminate operational obstacles in operating EVs and increase vehicle utilization. The founder purchased a set of 20 EVs and two-wheelers to consider the problems faced by fleet managers when using EVs and deployed them in Pune with smaller companies and delivery boys. All this happened in 2018.   It was evident that although EVs made sense economically, problems surrounding battery charging and servicing would lead to disruption of these automobiles if they’re used in fleet use instances.

As engineers, the 5-member founding members internally developed infrastructure to solve these operational challenges. The founder discovered that this technology could be beneficial for those deploying EVs in 2021, which became an excellent chance for BatteryPool. BatteryPool provides SaaS and hardware technologies that allow electric vehicles to be deployed and managed by fleets. The stack consists of hardware meant for battery-swapping stations, a vehicle telematics network, as well as a customizable SaaS platform that offers real-time, meaningful data into the charging, servicing, and operations of electric vehicles. Fleet operators are able to connect the telematics device to their EVs as well as control their EV fleet operators using the SaaS platform.

Furthermore, at their places, fleet operators may establish battery swapping facilities and allow their customers to swap battery packs while waiting for a recharge. The hardware (for example, battery swapping station) is bought by fleets operating with BatteryPool at an initial fee, and the startup even has a monthly fee price. The startup focuses on helping operators install over 2000 Electric Vehicles on the BatteryPool network and create alliances within the next eighteen months with five-plus OEMs to connect the platform with the vehicles.

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