Fri. May 20th, 2022

Many people are excited and ready to adopt electric vehicles. Last week, President Joe Biden said the federal government would replace its vehicle fleet with electric vehicles. He added that these EVs would be purchased from an American automaker as an attempt to reshape American’s economy. Biden emphasized the need to buy American goods to promote the country’s economy.

General Motors announced that by 2035 it target to manufacture only zero-emission vehicles. But before the masses fully adopt EVs, many essential things have to be done. This could be the reason why some groups such as Adopt a Charger are being formed. The group is a non-profit making organization that was established in March 2011. Its primary goal is to urge people to adopt plug-in vehicle chargers. The group gets some money from sponsors, which it donates to install and maintain public charging stations. Adopt a Charger allows the sponsors to put their logos or other kinds of messages on the installed charging units in areas such as museums, colleges, parks, and beaches. The EV drivers are then allowed to charge their cars on a fee-free basis.

So far, nine states have benefited from the Adopt a Charger sponsorship. These include Indiana, California, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, Maryland, Washington, and Vermont. Last week, the number increased to ten following Arkansas being added to the list. The good news is the Adopt a ChargerIn collaboration with Rev Brand and the Electric Auto Association, are sponsoring Natural State with ten EV chargers. Rev Brand is a committed entity in boosting the EV industry as it usually gives part of its profits to EV promotion.

Kitty Adams, Adopt a Charger executive director, said that only a few know that it is running on electricity when people see an EV on the road. When many see the charger is plugged in, they ask the driver many questions, including their own experience.

Next week, Adopt a Charger, Electric Auto Association, and Rev Brand will commence the installation of four chargers at Flagpole Park in Lonoke. Entergy is another company that is aspiring people to purchase electric vehicles. The company also provides some EV educational materials on its website.

People have to adopt electric vehicles so as to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Going electric is the way to go in the fight against climate change. The majority of the nation’s worldwide have set a target when they want to reach net-zero carbon and carbon neutral. Many carmakers have realized this, and they are in the process of manufacturing EVs.

By Adam